When you approach us, you will naturally have a clear idea of which challenges you wish to have solved. We can often help you figure out how the challenge can be solved – or find ways to improve on the solution you already have in mind.

We begin all our assignments in the same way. Meet with the customer. Review drawings and come up with options that could improve upon them. But no two assignments are alike. Sometimes it requires hard work to find a way to produce a certain component, so that it will solve the given function in the finished product. This applies especially for products with small dimensions and requiring high tolerance-levels.

Other times we can help to simplify the component and contribute towards product maturity, so that it can be produced both cost-effectively and can be incorporated into the further production cycle in the most effective way, at the client’s point of view.
It is when we solve challenges such as this that we perhaps provide our customers with the most value.

“They actively participate in simplification and product development, as well as making the mock-ups from our R&D team into something that can be manufactured.”

Customer statement


Because we are fanatical about working with minute tolerance levels, control has become a part of our DNA. We set high benchmarks for ourselves in relation to the quality of our products and services.

This is why we have cemented a series of quality requirements internally in our company.
If the need arises, we can specify the level of quality control even further. This can vary from project to project. In certain cases, each individual component is quality controlled. Other contracts stipulate a random sampling during the production progression.

In accordance with Koateks quality certification under ISO9001:2015, we continuously undertake measurements and analyses of all processes in the company. This ensures that we are constantly working towards minimizing faults in our deliveries.

Measuring room

Our measuring room is equipped with 2 Zeiss contura G2 CMM, managed by our experienced technicians who ensure the correct measurements and quality.

This insures:

  • Correct measurements and quality control
  • Parts verification and documentation of complex items
  • Easy and effective process control during production, including first out of tool test.
  • Correct target reports and control plans – as specified by the customer.
  • Geometric problem analysis and identification

Component wash

All components regularly pass an automatic washing system that removes chips and counteracts surface corrosion. Components with hard-to-reach areas are washed out in ultrasonic vessels.

Surface finish

You can choose a surface finish that suits your needs - in a series of different qualities and different levels. For example:

• Vibratory deburring
• Patch and polishing
• Item cleaning, potentially in ultrasound, etc.

We can also perform glass and microblasting - on all materials.

Surface treatments

We also offer a variety of surface treatments. For example:

• Eloxation / anodization
• ChromitAl-TCP
• Nickel plating
• Gold plating
• Hardening
• Coating, etc.

These processes are carried out in close cooperation with leading companies in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

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