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When it’s worth doing well

When you meet us, you will notice that we are a company that subscribes to a certain philosophy. We have chosen to do certain things and deselected others. And what we have chosen to do, we do well. We do it so well that those who’ve met us say we’re world class. It is the result of a long journey, where every day we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.




At Koatek we have four core values

  • Add value
  • Be curious
  • Cultivate the team
  • Enjoy the challenges

Add value

We add value for you, the customer. If our efforts doesn’t reach our common goal, they are of no value to us. That is exactly why we are always competitive, when the delivered product is compared to price and quality. We are competitive because we:

• Use our collective competencies to solve your issue

• Automate the production and work effectively

• Contribute to optimization of your processes

Be curious

With us, you will get an open collaboration with curious experts. You will meet a talent factory of chip-nerds, where we constantly strengthen the competencies that you have access to. You will meet people that are passionate about using their knowledge, experience and know-how to find new solutions that adds value for you.

Cultivate the team

When you choose Koatek, you will have the sense that your own team is being further enhanced with an addition of competent people. We see ourselves as team players and a part of your team, working to achieve extraordinary results for you.

You will gain access to accumulated specialist knowledge of more than 80 people. Together we deliver a service in a league of its own. Or as one of our customers said it: If Koatek can’t do it, then it’s hard.

Enjoy the challenges

We seek challenges. We strive to find ways to produce even the most complex product parts ourselves. That is how we produce substantial added value for you. And we create it through equal parts of enthusiasm, technology and competence. That is our livelihood – that’s what we live to achieve!

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Address & company info

Håndværkervej 32
DK- 3630 Jægerspris

Email: koatek@koatek.dk

Tel. +45 47 56 56 56

CVR/SE nr. 10 60 40 01


Opening hours

Monday – Thursday: 7:00 – 15:30
Friday: 7:00 – 12:00