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Career opportunities




We are always interested in getting in touch with competent people that want to be a part of setting new standards for working with precision engineering components.

So please don’t hesitate to contact us if you also believe that anything worth doing, is worth doing well.

Meet some of our co-workers – your potential future colleagues – and see if you resonate with their values.

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We are looking for skilled industrial technicians, mechanical workers or precision engineers, with experience and interest in working with fine technical and mechanical production – both in our turning and milling department.

There are currently no vacancies available.


“I am proud to be a part of a company like Koatek, with firm foundations and yet also in growth.”

Ulrich G. Koatek A/S

Meet an employee

Jacob B. Dons, industrial technician

“Since I’m an
apprentice, I get to work in various departments. Currently I work with measurements in the control department, where I learn to use CMM machines and help set up and finalize components from the entire company.
Whether I’m in the control-, milling- or turning department, I’m a part of the daily workflow equal to my experienced colleagues to the extent that I can, compared to my level of skills on the different types of machines.

I get to learn a lot about the different machining methods in collaboration with my colleagues, and how to make turned and milled items on CNC machines. I also learn how to measure parts both manually, optically and with CMM, to read work drawings and make quality assessments of products, from the production start to the finished result.

I’m happy to work at Koatek. Both because I’m being challenged work wise and being able to develop professionally, but also because I have a lot of good colleagues, both long term employees and other apprentices. While there may be busy most of the time, I’m still met by the understanding that it takes time to produce high quality items.
As an apprentice, it’s nice to have the opportunity to try to solve the tasks yourself. But you can always ask for help if you need to.”

Louise Stahl Hansen, industrial technician

I always spend my mornings by starting up the machines in the turning department, where I’m primarily stationed. Then, I either set up the machines for production, or take care of the machines which already are busy producing objects. That is mostly what I do,
as I feel these are my work-wise forces. I like to keep busy with multiple tasks at the same time during the day, but still maintain a professional high level of standard in the work that I do. I also like to help in the other departments if needed.

What Koatek are contributing to me, is that I’m able to develop within my field as an industrial technician. It really matters to me that I can empower my knowledge more and more, over time. I rarely come home by the end of a day, without having learned something new!

I really like to work at Koatek. Both because I can do what I do best – the management is good at spotting my strengths and use them to the best of ability, so that both the company and I benefit from the products I manufacture. But also because I have some amazing and helpful colleagues. I can always be myself when I’m at work – a girl with a good amount of energy. Maybe a little too much sometimes!”

Brian Nielsen, precision mechanic


“I am a precision mechanic and I have been employed here at Koatek since the beginning of 2004. When describing my day at work, I can tell that I primarily make setups on our CNC milling machines, where I manufacture items in relation to the individual setups. I also take care of grinding our special tools.
Besides all of this, I take care of our apprentices, who’s affiliated to the milling department,
where I participate in their training during their internship here at the company. I really like the versatility of my work. Finally, I also represent our staff council.

I think that I’m being positively challenged during my daily work – which is being performed and manufactured on good and not least modern machines in the department. And of course exciting related tasks. I also have great opportunities to influence the processing of my general workflow through my manager, who’s always responsive to any new inputs that can improve the individual processes. It gives a good dynamic in the department.

I absolutely like to work at Koatek, because of my good and helpful colleagues. The unity here means a great deal to me. It’s also very nice to have a “down-to-earth” management that you always can turn to. Koatek is a workplace with a good spirit and a strong community.”

Torben Andersen, service- and assembly manager


“I am the manager of both the service- and repair department, and our department of assembling. In the service department we are responsible of all the machines in the company, as well as purchasing spare parts for them. In the assembly department, I have the responsibility for the assembly workers at Koatek. To complete these tasks, I’ve got 9 talented employees to help me. Last but not least, I’m also mentoring our flex workers and apprentices. A task that fits me perfectly.

Koatek allows me to deal with what really interests me the most; to work with people. Helping them achieve their full potential at work, finding the things that inspire them the most, and giving them the best opportunity to develop both personally and professionally – that’s very rewarding to be a part of.I am grateful to have a position where it’s possible to make a difference in other people’s lives – and even at the same time being able to work with my passion for technical challenges, which we have plenty of at Koatek. Here we never get bored!

I’ve worked at Koatek for well over 13 years, 6 of which I was a part time employee, due to my son’s disabilities. The patience and understanding that I experienced from the company regarding my private situation, is incomparable to any other workplaces I’ve ever worked for in the past. During this period, I was given the opportunity to develop my leadership potential, and was later rewarded for it, by the functions that I have today.
You can really feel the company values, when it comes to their social- and human core values. Here you get a real chance to be part of the daily workflow, despite the challenges you might face. Luckily, we have an incredibly spacious atmosphere here at Koatek!

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