Laser cutting


Laser cutting


Laser cutting

We are one of a very few suppliers on the market offering this technology, which should not be confused with conventional laser cutting. Koatek has at its disposal some of the professional market’s most innovative, flexible and precise laser cutters for micro-processing. Our state-of-the-art laser cutters can cut traditional metals such as steel, stainless steel and aluminium, both quickly and with a high degree of accuracy, but are also able to process and shape more “exotic” metals and foils, such as HS foil, Inconel, titanium and gold.

The cutting process is controlled by CAD files. You can either supply us with your own cutting file, or we can help you convert your drawings into cutting files. We can also store the files in our system to make it easy for you the next time you place an order. Our engineers then program the laser’s cutting path and other parameters to produce the best possible result. In our experience, this is the best, fastest and safest working method.

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“As I see it, Koatek is one of the suppliers who can make the most advanced chip cutting items. If Koatek can’t do it, then it’s hard.”

Customer statement

“We have items that need to be delivered within 1 micrometer. Being able to deliver that, is very unique – but Koatek can do it.”

Customer statement

“From my point of view, our collaboration is world class. I can call at 3:30 PM with an acute problem, show up at Koatek the next morning – and within a day we have a solution.”

Customer statement

“We have a good, competent, well-functioning and flexible working relationship. Koatek works as a professional coaching partner. They can take our input from drawings/mock-ups and transfer it into production technology.”

Customer statement

Advantages of Koatek’s precision laser cutting technology

One of the advantages of Koatek’s laser cutting technology is its high degree of accuracy – measured in microns, with minimal thermal stress and leaving only microscopic burrs.

Koatek’s precision laser cutting is therefore a high-quality, competitive alternative to conventional laser cutting, punching and etching.

Laser cutting experts

The market’s best machines, coupled with our specially trained and highly motivated employees, with their many years of experience in this particular field, make us leading laser cutting experts. The process is efficient from start to finish, and our production engineering department is on hand to help you achieve the best possible result.

More than a Laser supplier

We initially offered laser cutting as a sideline to more traditional turning and milling projects. Since then, we have expanded the business and, today, we receive many orders purely for laser cutting.

Koatek is therefore your go-to supplier if you need precision laser cutting, a combination of laser cutting, turning and milling, or even a turnkey service, including assembly, warehousing and next-day delivery.

You are welcome to contact Koatek for expert input to your next laser cutting project.

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