Logistics agreements


Logistics agreements – easy and convenient for you

Choosing Koatek as your partner gives you access to a wide range of benefits. We can help you at all stages of the process, from the initial drafting of drawings to product development, optimisation of the production process, assembly, superfinishing and a flexible logistics agreement.

Warehousing with us – saves you space

If you enter into a flexible logistics agreement with us, we always make sure that we have manufactured the agreed quantity of your components. The agreement can include minimum and maximum quantities, ensuring that we always have sufficient supplies on stock. We store your products safely in our automated storage system, which protects them against dust and light. And we can tailor the logistics agreement to your own specific needs.

“Som jeg ser det, er Koatek en af de leverandører, der kan lave de mest avancerede spåntagningsemner. Hvis ikke Koatek kan, så er det svært.”


“Vi har et godt, kompetent, velfungerende og fleksibelt arbejdsforhold til hinanden. Koatek er en professionel samarbejdspartner for os. De kan tage input fra vores arbejdstegninger, og overføre det til produktionsteknologi.”


“I min verden er vores samarbejde verdensklasse. Jeg kan ringe kl. 15.30 med et akut problem, stå ved Koatek næste morgen – og inden for et døgn har vi en løsning.”


Flexible logistics and express deliveries

Sometimes things just don’t go as planned – we know this from experience. An accident during production may mean that a component will not be ready on schedule. No need to panic – we also offer express delivery and flexible logistics for the components included in our logistics agreement. We can usually manage to meet your deadlines using standard delivery, but we use express delivery when you need it. There is a fee for this express service, but it means your delivery will arrive on time so that you can continue production without interruption.

We store your documentation

We make sure that your latest production drawings are always safely stored. If you have updated your documentation in our system, reordering components or finished goods is quick and easy.

Koatek is by your side throughout your entire value chain

Whatever your precision engineering challenge, Koatek is your go-to supplier for CNC turning, micro turning, automatic turning, Swiss-type turning, CNC milling on vertical or horizontal three-axis, four-axis, five-axis machines, laser engraving, laser cutting, laser welding, electrical discharge machining (EDM), or even turnkey services including assembly, 3D measuring on the market’s most accurate machines, and warehousing with next-day delivery.

You are welcome to contact Koatek for expert input to your next precision engineering project.

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