Precision engineering


Precision engineering


Precision engineering – the highest standard

Koatek is a company renowned for supplying precision engineering parts of the highest standard. When Knud Olsen established his precision engineering workshop in Jægerspris, Denmark, in 1969, he had three customers. And Koatek is still supplying these same three customers today. Knud was an outstanding craftsman. He strove for perfection and never compromised on the quality of his precision engineering. These standards are still in Koatek’s DNA to this day – hence our motto: Koatek quality – that little bit better.


We focus our business on the manufacture of quality components for highly specialised solutions for the life science, medicines, dental, electronics, aerospace and food industries as well as the energy sector. These sectors demand extremely high standards of safety, precision and quality.

CNC turning
CNC milling
Laser cutting
Laser welding
Laser engraving
Electrical discharge machining (EDM)
3D measuring technology




We have extensive experience in the manufacture of components, varying greatly in complexity, in all conceivable materials, with diameters as small as 0.3 mm and tolerances down to a few microns.

When we work together, you can add our skills to your team. Many of our customers have appreciated this over the years, and it has given us substantial expertise in the most commonly used materials as well as some that are slightly more exotic, such as titanium, Monel, Inconel, tungsten and ceramic.

State-of-the-art precision engineering machine park

You will find the market’s broadest range of precision engineering technologies in the Koatek machine park. We offer everything from micro turning, automatic turning and Swiss-type turning to three-axis, four-axis and five-axis machines for horizontal and vertical milling, electrical discharge machining, laser cutting, laser welding and laser engraving. We can therefore produce the most complex precision engineering workpieces using optimal methods.

The components meet the smallest tolerances, and we can demonstrate this on the market’s most accurate and sophisticated measuring machines from Zeiss. Documented quality assurance saves our customers lots of time and money because it means that they can use our parts in the manufacture of their own precision engineering products.

Precision engineering experts on your team

When you work with Koatek, you have our talented and experienced precision engineering experts on your team. They are there for you, ready to share their knowledge, throughout the entire process: from design and development to production, quality control and delivery of individual precision engineering parts or turnkey services, including assembly, warehousing and next-day delivery.

You will have access to the extensive precision engineering know-how we have built up and are continuing to build.

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