UN Sustainable Development Goals


UN Sustainable Development Goals


The social responsibility we take

We strive to develop our company and society in the most sustainable way possible, balanced between financial-, human- and environmental perspectives.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

UN has agreed on 17 goals of sustainability, and Koatek support the goals for a sustainable development.

The most relevant goals for our company and the areas where Koatek is contributing, are the following:

Ensure healthy life and promote wellbeing for all employees at all ages

What we do:
It has always been a core value for Koatek to take care of our employees. We are actively focusing on the
working environment and know the importance of personal safety, in a potentially dangerous workspace.

That is why we:

  • Have invested in robotic technology to promote ergonomics and eliminate heavy lifting
  • Have a long-term goal of avoiding any work related accidents
  • Have a health insurance for all our employees, in all ages

Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

What we do:
We see the education as an industrial technician as a quality education that ensures lifelong learning. Industrial technicians are a necessary and indispensable resource for our company – and for the industry. We are also happy to train for other functions that serve as support for our production.

That is why we:

  • Have the most ambitious apprenticeship program, regardless of age and gender
  • Have an ambition to admit and train two apprentices / trainees every six months
  • Offer continuing education in the latest technologies

Ensure descent work and sustainable economic growth

What we do:
We work hard to ensure responsibility in our production by offering good jobs based on a quality-education, en-
sure a good working environment and produce components of high quality in an environmentally responsible way.

That is why we:

  • Have a resource efficient production, which is continuously improved
  • Want productivity through diversification, technology and innovation with a large focus on value
  • Provide jobs to both men and women, young as well as elder, and people with disabilities
  • Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

    What we do:
    Since we are in an industry, that require a large material consumption, we strive to be constantly updated
    on sustainable materials and recycling of those.

    That is why we:

    • Make sure to reuse all excess material
    • Use recycled packaging
    • Manufacture components of high quality with a longer lifetime

    Social responsibility
    Koatek wants to be known as an unprejudiced workplace in the local area, where we give people on the edge of the labor market a chance to become a part of a strong unity.

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