The Koatek Quality


The Koatek Quality

As a leader in our field, we deliver tried, tested and reliable technology that adds value for our customers. We always strive for perfection, and we never compromise on quality.

A history built on good quality

Never underestimate outstanding craftsmanship! Koatek has more than 50 years’ expertise in processing a wide range of materials for precision engineering components of superlative quality. We have a broad customer base, ranging from major, global corporations to start-ups throughout the world.

Naturally, manufacturing high-precision components demands the best machinery, and we have a high-tech machine park with more than 70 CNC-controlled machines. Our uncompromising desire to produce the best, most reliable and most effective components has made us what we are today – a market-leading sub-supplier to the life science and food sectors, among others.

We have items that need to be delivered within 1 micrometer. Being able to deliver that, is very unique – but Koatek can do it.

Customer statement

The expert behind the machine

We acknowledge that the quality of our team is reflected in the quality of our products. Koatek is proud to say that we employ exceptionally qualified and dedicated engineers, industrial technicians and precision engineers. This ensures the highest standards and that we consistently meet these standards, exceeding the expectations of our customers.

Expertise is the key to high quality

Most of our staff have been with us for years and have built up profound knowledge and understanding of our products and the environments in which they operate – a vast pool of valuable know-how and expertise, for the direct benefit of our customers. Our team of experts works closely with yours to achieve extraordinary results and high quality.

The Koatek Quality – that little bit better

At Koatek, quality is not just a word or a certificate – it’s a way of thinking! From beginning to end – from apprentice to director, from development to production, then from inspection and measurement with the market’s most accurate 3D measuring machines to delivery to the customer in our own vehicles.

The man behind the quality department

Tommy is a qualified precision engineer and has hands-on experience of machining workpieces. He later graduated as a mechanical engineer from the Technical University of Denmark and has worked in life science and medical devices R&D for the past ten years. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Tommy if you have any questions about our quality.

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