3D measuring technology


3D measuring technology


3D measuring technology

Our measuring room is equipped with two Zeiss Contura G2 3D measuring machines and one Zeiss CMM O-Inspect 3D measuring machine which, along with our experienced measuring technicians, ensure correct measurements and quality control.

Our promise to you:

  • Correct measurements and quality control
  • Workpiece verification and documentation of complex production batches
  • Easy and efficient process control during the manufacturing process, including First Article Inspection (FAI) tests
  • Measurement reports and inspection plans – according to the customer’s preference
  • Geometric problem analysis and identification

Koatek’s measuring room is climate-controlled, which means that temperature and humidity always remain at the same level, ensuring that the materials in the components do not expand or contract.

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“We have a good, competent, well-functioning and flexible working relationship. Koatek works as a professional coaching partner. They can take our input from drawings/mock-ups and transfer it into production technology.”

Customer statement

“From my point of view, our collaboration is world class. I can call at 3:30 PM with an acute problem, show up at Koatek the next morning – and within a day we have a solution.”

Customer statement

“As I see it, Koatek is one of the suppliers who can make the most advanced chip cutting items. If Koatek can’t do it, then it’s hard.”

Customer statement

“We have items that need to be delivered within 1 micrometer. Being able to deliver that, is very unique – but Koatek can do it.”

Customer statement

Advantages of Koatek 3D measuring technology

With the best 3D measuring machines on the market, we can tackle any possible – or even impossible – measurement or contour, to an accuracy of 0.001 mm.

We deliver a precise measurement of critical items, with full documentation demonstrating that all specified measurements and tolerances are met. This ensures that items can be directly incorporated into your own manufacturing process, saving your quality department precious time and resources.

Experts in 3D measuring technology

At Koatek, we are experts in 3D measuring technology. We have many years of experience in this technology and several specially trained staff operating the machines both day and night.

Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise, we can handle a broad range of projects and ensure fully satisfactory results – every time! At Koatek, we are experts in 3D measuring technology.

Koatek is a quality supplier

Since our business is working with fine tolerances, inspection routines are part of our DNA. We set high standards for ourselves and demand high quality in both our products and our services.
We have therefore specified a range of quality requirements for our company.

If need be, we impose even stricter requirements on our quality control on a case-by-case basis.
Occasionally, we even inspect every single component. Other agreements stipulate spot checks during the manufacturing process.

In accordance with Koatek’s ISO9001:2015 quality certification, we record and analyse all processes in our company on a regular basis. In this way, we constantly endeavour to minimise errors in our deliveries.

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