Surface finishing


Surface finishing – a finish that’s just that little bit better

Koatek supplies some of the world’s most demanding customers in their fields, and they require a finish that is just that little bit better. The various processes that give the best finish are therefore an important element of our precision engineering.

You can choose a finish to meet your needs – in a range of qualities. For example:

  • Manual or vibratory deburring
  • Superfinishing
  • Component cleaning, e.g. in an ultrasonic bath
  • Glass and microblasting of all types of material

“We have items that need to be delivered within 1 micrometer. Being able to deliver that, is very unique – but Koatek can do it.”

Customer statement

“From my point of view, our collaboration is world class. I can call at 3:30 PM with an acute problem, show up at Koatek the next morning – and within a day we have a solution.”

Customer statement

“We have a good, competent, well-functioning and flexible working relationship. Koatek works as a professional coaching partner. They can take our input from drawings/mock-ups and transfer it into production technology.”

Customer statement

“As I see it, Koatek is one of the suppliers who can make the most advanced chip cutting items. If Koatek can’t do it, then it’s hard.”

Customer statement


Components are finished by deburring if undesirable sharp edges or burrs appear during the production process.

Vibratory deburring is highly efficient and can be used for most metal components. Our experienced staff use either manual or vibratory deburring to produce smooth, neat surfaces on all of your components.

Component cleaning

During the production process, all components are regularly run through a washing facility to remove chips and prevent surface corrosion.

Components with areas that are not easy to reach are washed in an ultrasonic bath.

Glass and microblasting

Glass blasting removes scratches, discolouration, grinding marks and other markings and produces an exclusive, matt surface. The glass blasting process only removes negligible amounts of material from the surface.

Impartial visual testing is performed at the end of all processes.

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