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We have a responsibility that goes beyond delivering top quality products to our customers. With the customer in focus, we take long-term financial-, human- and environmental responsibility for our impact as a company on society – long-term security is important for us. Our business philosophy is a balance of economic, human- and environmental considerations – we work with several bottom lines.

Every day we have to make difficult choices. Here we choose to do what we do well – based on what is best for our customers, our employees, our surroundings and our shareholders in the long-term. We believe that our top quality products have a longer service of life than other products and therefore, from cradle to grave, have a significantly lower impact on the environment than other similar products.




We strive to:

  • Comply with- and to all applicable environmental laws and guidelines.
  • Collect, sort and recycle waste from our production.
  • Minimize material and energy consumption to manufacture our products.
  • Reduce and reuse packaging.
  • Achieve the optimal combination of materials and manufacturing methods.
  • Prioritize the environment when investing and purchasing, with a significant environmental impact.
  • Continuously improve our environmental standards.




We strive to:

  • Cultivate the team – we are all different people, with different skills.
  • Comply with- and to the demands and requirements according to apprentice training. We want to be the leading talent factory for chip-nerds.
  • Hire, qualify and retain employees with special needs – to us they are specialists in their field.
  • Offer opportunities for our employees to realize their potential.
  • Continuously improve our social efforts, especially towards people on the edge of the labor market.



We strive to:

  • Add value for our customers, our employees and our shareholders.
  • Comply with- and to all applicable company-, accounting- and tax legislation, as well as all guidelines.
  • Have long-term customer relationships.
  • Create stable, financial results.
  • Continuously improve our financial growth.

As in all other aspects, we at Koatek always want to do just a tad better than expected. This also applies to our overall CSR policy. That’s our perception – that’s what we live for!

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