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We have a responsibility that goes beyond delivering top quality products to our customers. With the customer in focus, we take long-term financial-, human- and environmental responsibility for our impact as a company on society – long-term security is important for us. Our business philosophy is a balance of economic, human- and environmental considerations – we work with several bottom lines.

Every day we have to make difficult choices. Here we choose to do what we do well – based on what is best for our customers, our employees, our surroundings and our shareholders in the long-term. We believe that our top quality products have a longer service of life than other products and therefore, from cradle to grave, have a significantly lower impact on the environment than other similar products.




We strive to:

  • Comply with- and to all applicable environmental laws and guidelines.
  • Collect, sort and recycle waste from our production.
  • Minimize material and energy consumption to manufacture our products.
  • Reduce and reuse packaging.
  • Achieve the optimal combination of materials and manufacturing methods.
  • Prioritize the environment when investing and purchasing, with a significant environmental impact.
  • Continuously improve our environmental standards.




We strive to:

  • Cultivate the team – we are all different people, with different skills.
  • Comply with- and to the demands and requirements according to apprentice training. We want to be the leading talent factory for chip-nerds.
  • Hire, qualify and retain employees with special needs – to us they are specialists in their field.
  • Offer opportunities for our employees to realize their potential.
  • Continuously improve our social efforts, especially towards people on the edge of the labor market.



We strive to:

  • Add value for our customers, our employees and our shareholders.
  • Comply with- and to all applicable company-, accounting- and tax legislation, as well as all guidelines.
  • Have long-term customer relationships.
  • Create stable, financial results.
  • Continuously improve our financial growth.

As in all other aspects, we at Koatek always want to do just a tad better than expected. This also applies to our overall CSR policy. That’s our perception – that’s what we live for!

Sustainability report

At Koatek, we want to operate our business in a way where we take responsibility for the environment/climate and social sustainability in a way where it also provides financial sustainability. We do not claim that everything we do is sustainable, but we continuously work to make a positive difference. With the Sustainability Report, we are taking a new step. We begin to measure and structure our efforts and results. The substainability report continuously be developed and systematized and we will continuously collect more and better data.

You can read the Sustainability Report 2023 here

You can read the Sustainability Report 2022 here (Only in Danish)
The Sustainability Report 2022, at a glance

Code of Conduct rapport 2022 (Only in Danish)

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